Below is a list of articles related to Benjamin LaGuer and his case:

PDF IconThe Case Of Ben LaGuer In The 2006 Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election - Stanford University Press, 2011

PDF IconJudge Isaac Borenstein Evidence Memo

PDF IconJames C. Rehnquest Letter

PDF IconDan Rea - NightSide Weekend Commentary

PDF IconJudge Grants Ben LaGuer a Hearing

PDF IconDNA Evidence Under Scrutiny

PDF IconNews Articles for New Hearing

PDF Icon 1998 Pen Writing Awards

PDF Icon A Reasonable Doubt - John Strahinich

PDF Icon Affidavit - Michelle Chafitz

PDF Icon Deval Patrick - Boston Herald

PDF Icon DNA Review - Telegram Gazette

PDF Icon Election 2006 - Gloucester Daily Times

PDF Icon Judge ExLawyer - Boston Herald

PDF Icon Ben LaGuer - A Life on Hold

PDF Icon Ben LaGuer Fights On - Valley Advocate

PDF Icon Life of Argument - Boston Globe

PDF Icon Miscarriage of Justice - Justice Institute

PDF Icon Patrick Aide - Boston Herald

PDF Icon Psychiatrist Report

PDF Icon Quarantined Ben LaGuer

PDF Icon The Truth - John Taylor

PDF IconLetter-James C. Rehnquist to Joe Early Jr.

PDF IconLetter-John Silber to Joe Early Jr.

PDF IconLetter-Earle C. Cooley to John Silber

PDF IconInterview-State Police of Jury Foreman

PDF IconAffidavit - William P Nowick

PDF IconLaGuer Reconsidered, By Eric Goldscheider, Valley Advocate, August 17, 2006

PDF IconLawyers Weekly article - David E Frank

PDF IconLaGuer evidence memo, June 10, 2009

PDF IconPoem - Martin Espada

PDF IconNotes From A Dissident

PDF IconLawyers Weekly - The Big Picture

PDF IconUC-DNA-It Isnt Foolproof

PDF IconThe Ghost of Willie Horton, Boston Magazine, October 1999

PDF IconBoston Globe - July 14, 1993

PDF IconBoston Globe - LaGuer Photos

PDF IconBoston Herald 9.16.04

PDF IconBoston Herald - January 4, 2007

PDF IconBoston Herald - May 30, 2007

PDF IconBoston Magazine - A Reasonable Doubt

PDF IconChaffitz Affidavit

PDF IconEsquire May 1994

PDF IconGloucester Daily Times - February 9, 2007

PDF IconLaGuer Narrative

PDF IconPEN Writing Awards Document

PDF IconQuarantined Behind Concrete and Steel

PDF IconReport of Psychiatrist - May 22, 1984

PDF IconTelegram & Gazette - January 17, 2007

PDF IconThe Globe - January 22, 2002

PDF IconBoston Globe - July 14, 1993

More articles to come.