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Articles about the hearing on a motion for a new trial for Mr. LaGuer, 55, who has been denied parole four times for the 1983 Leominster rape.

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Unreliable DNA Evidence

Letter from Hon. Isaac Bornstein (Ret.) to State Representative Ellen Story (D — Amherst)

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Northeastern University papers

The collection includes: correspondence requesting Masso's support for Parole Board and other hearings; legal documents, correspondence, and memoranda and other publicity about LaGuer and his ongoing quest to show his actual innocence.

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DNA Evidence Under Scrutiny

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"I am firmly convinced that he did not receive a fair trial," Professor Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law School.

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One Case Study of Ben LaGuer’s Wrongful Conviction



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Recent News

Ben LaGuer Actual Innocence (2018)

Bibliographical Notes (2018)

Attorney Jeffrey G. Harris (BBO #679118) is a trial and appellate litigator. He does all manner of complex financial transactions and white collar defense investigations as well as state and federal criminal defense. He is a partner at Good Schneider Comier & Fried, LLP 83 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02110 (

We reaffirm our heartfelt support to the idea that the American justice system must investigate and afford Ben Laguer a new trial:

BU President Emeritus John R. Silber
MIT Linguist Noam Chomsky
Opera Boston Founder John C. Archer
Honorable Issac Borenstein
Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel
Novelist Bill Styron
Playwright and Novelist Leslie Epstein
Nation of Islam Minister Don Muhammad
Journalists Christopher Lydon and John Taylor
Poets Rosanna Warren and Martin Espada
Harvard Law School's Charles Ogletree
Harvard University Chair of African-American Studies Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Georgetown University Law School Professor Abbe L. Smith
National No Breast Cancer Project Founder Dr. Susan Wadia-Ells
Attorneys Harvey Silverglate and James C. Rehnquist
Tufts University Dr. James Jennings
President Golden Stick Louis O. Levesque IV
National Black Police Association Executive Director Ronald Hampton
Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice Christopher C. Cooper
National Puerto Rican Congress President Jaime Rodriguez
Distinguished University Professor of Puerto Rican Studies Jose Masso
National Center For Reason and Justice Founder Robert B. Shatelle
Novelist Alexander Theroux
Jewish Alliance For Law and Social Action Founder Shelia Decter
Worcester City Firefighter Douglas Medina
Lazard Freres & Co. Director Walter Silva
Tufts University Professor Dr. James Jennings
Advocates For The Wrongfully Convicted Founder Richard Blanchard
Gabriel Films Founder Jonathan Stack
Union Lawyer Aaron F. Amaral
Congressman Michael Harrington
Three Pyramid Founder Adrian Ford
Worcester Public School Teacher Emeritus Stacy Amaral
Founder of the Terrie Williams Agency Terrie M. Williams
Third Hampshire District State Representative Ellen Story
University of Virgin Islands President David Hall
Justice Institute President Hans Sheer
Puerto Rican Diplomat in Boston Carlos Lineras
Unitarian Church Conference Reverand Jonathan C. Tetherly

Added April, 2011

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Added March, 2011

Another Juror Speaks
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Eyes of Benjamin LaGuer
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Journal Article
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LaGuer Parole Appeal
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Support from National Black Police Association`
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April 20, 2010

Ben LaGuer's Statement to Parole Board
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Bay State Banner Editorial on Ben LaGuer's Parole
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March 23, 2010

Boston University accepts Ben Laguer into MFA.
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November 16, 2009

I am a Massachusetts prisoner writing to share a testimony of faith and justice. For 35 years, I have devoted myself to the idea that God has a plan for my life. In 1983, I was falsely charged with a sexual assault. I refused a pretrial plea bargain where I could have been released in two years. Instead, a jury found me guilty and I was sentenced to a life term.
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March 27, 2009

WBZ Radio Talk Host Dan Rea interviews - Judge Isaac Borenstein (ret) newest member of Ben LaGuer's defense team, professor Leslie Epstein and attorney Lisa Billowitz discuss how Ben's self-financed DNA test was contaminated.

March 20, 2009

The Boston Globe reports that LaGuer's case will be taken up by a retired Superior Court judge.
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Who is Benjamin LaGuer?

For more than 35 years Benjamin LaGuer, an Afro-Puerto Rican man, has been a Massachusetts inmate, wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. At the age of 20, just home from the Army, LaGuer had the misfortune of staying next door to a brutal attack. In a rush to judgment police arrested LaGuer, overlooking a likelier suspect. LaGuer’s trial was rife with irregularities, including a report from a juror that members of the all-white, all-male panel made racial slurs that attributed LaGuer’s alleged guilt to his ethnicity.

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DNA Expert Statements

PDF Icon Authentication of forensic DNA samples by Dan Frumkin

PDF IconLetter from DNA expert Dr. Theodore D. Kessis 

PDF IconForensic Case Review by Dean A. Wideman

PDF IconLetter from Harvard DNA expert Prof. Daniel L. Hartl

PDF IconLetter from DNA expert Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky


The Ben LaGuer Committee, a group of citizens, committed to supporting Mr. LaGuer as he works to receive a new and fair trial solicit contributions for Ben’s monthly personal expenses and for his new defense fund.

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